Canada needs to be “clear-eyed” about the threat posed by Russia and China — and the power vacuum at the global level left by the United States’ growing isolationism — a former national security adviser to prime ministers told an audience of military and defence officials Friday. “The risks posed by these twoRead More →

Canada’s provincial and territorial leaders spoke on the phone Friday for the first time since the federal election to discuss how they would approach relations with the new Liberal minority government. Premiers discussed a range of policy issues, including mental health and addictions, trade, equalization and environmental assessments for major resourceRead More →

Elections Canada says it has received reports of misleading robocalls made to voters suggesting voting actually takes place on Tuesday, the day after election day. “There have been some reports of people receiving misleading robocalls in Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick,” said Elections Canada spokesperson Nathalie de Montigny. “WeRead More →