A group launching a legal challenge to Ontario’s child vaccination system is planning a rally at the provincial legislature today. The group, which includes five parents and the organization Vaccine Choice Canada, is also expected to hold a news conference on its constitutional challenge. They allege the Immunization of SchoolRead More →

About half the people who picked up a naloxone kit under a provincial government program that made them available for free at pharmacies were not opioid users themselves, according to a study by researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital.  From the program’s inception in July 2016 to March 2018, 90,000 opioid overdose antidoteRead More →

High tech “super sniffers” using next-generation sensing technology and high-powered data crunching could help Toronto track down sources of odour and pollution, according to experts at a conference on air quality this week. Some of the new systems were on display at the third annual Air & Odour Management Conference andRead More →

Why Bruce McArthur chose to plead guilty to eight charges of first-degree murder was not explained on Tuesday morning, although police hinted that answers still may come. McArthur’s admission in a Toronto courthouse that he killed eight men wasn’t entirely surprising — police had said earlier a “significant development” was coming. ButRead More →