Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland arrives in Edmonton this week for a meeting with Western Canadian municipal leaders to find solutions for economic uncertainty in their communities. Freeland will speak with western leaders in a one-day summit on Monday organized by the Western Economic Solutions Taskforce of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).Read More →

The Alberta government is looking to contract out medical procedures such as mastectomies, hernia repair and some gynecological procedures to private providers with the aim of lowering wait times. Alberta Health Services issued an expression of interest on Friday to determine how many private companies are interested in providing these publicly-funded healthRead More →

Carbon-tax-fighting governments in Alberta and Saskatchewan say they have no plans to follow Ontario’s lead and force gas stations to put anti-carbon tax stickers on their pumps. Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government has set Aug. 30 as a deadline for stations to have the stickers posted or face fines of upRead More →

Marwa Nakhleh’s voice barely registers above a whisper as she recounts the horrors she witnessed on the streets of Damascus. “It was terrible,” she says of seeing a car bomb go off in her neighbourhood, vividly recalling the darkness that followed. “There’s no electricity, and it’s dark, and people looking forRead More →

A potentially precedent-setting manslaughter trial began Monday morning in Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench. Jordan Yarmey is charged with manslaughter in the January 2016 death of Szymon Kalich. Yarmey is accused of selling fentanyl to Kalich that resulted in a fatal overdose. It took Edmonton police nine months to charge YarmeyRead More →

A fist fight broke out during an anti-immigration protest in downtown Edmonton Saturday afternoon, before police moved in to separate protesters and counter-demonstrators. There were only a few police officers present at Churchill Square when the altercation started, but more arrived after the first punch landed. About 20 officers formedRead More →