The District of Squamish, located north of Vancouver, has joined a growing chorus of small communities in British Columbia asking visitors to stay away to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  On Sunday the district sent out a media release that said many people visiting the area’s popular outdoor attractions weren’t abidingRead More →

The U.S. Department of Justice hit telecommunications giant Huawei with new charges of stealing trade secrets and breaking sanctions by doing business with North Korea. A new superseding indictment filed in the Eastern District of New York also adds racketeering conspiracy charges to the allegations already facing the Chinese telecommunicationsRead More →

A Vancouver woman who went public with allegations of sex slavery inside a cult-like self-empowerment group is among more than three dozen Canadians who are part of a lawsuit against the organization’s inner circle. Sarah Edmondson is suing the leaders of NXIVM — along with two heiresses of the Seagram’s liquorRead More →

Family doctors in British Columbia are being urged to annually screen every patient starting at age 12, in a move to prevent alcohol addiction, a leading cause of social and economic harms. The guideline developed by the BC Centre on Substance Use and endorsed by the province encourages primary-care doctors to provide treatment andRead More →

Three people died in the plane crash on Gabriola Island on Tuesday, which happened after the Nanaimo Airport got a report of an “equipment issue,” a preliminary report by Nav Canada says. The aircraft hit the ground with such force that investigators struggled to even verify the plane’s registration, according to the TransportationRead More →

Rare fossilized dragonflies, which flitted about the area we now know as Kamloops, have been given scientific names — a first for British Columbia. Bruce Archibald, a paleontologist with Simon Fraser University, along with dragonfly expert Robert Cannings with the Royal B.C. Museum, examined nine dragonfly fossils from a fossil siteRead More →

Yet another investigation has uncovered concerns about a retired Vancouver psychologist’s work in child custody battles, including allegations he used “nonsensical” assumptions to dismiss a mother’s fears of violence by her ex. The latest probe into Allan Posthuma wrapped up last month, when the College of Psychologists of B.C.’s inquiryRead More →

A family of seven who entered the United States illegally by driving through a ditch from British Columbia have been sent back to the United Kingdom. Eileen and David Connors and five other family members spent nearly two weeks at the Berks Family Residential Centre, a detention facility in Pennsylvania, after being caught “slowlyRead More →