The so-called Hamburglar is still at large, hacking customers’ McDonald’s app accounts and ordering food on their dime. For some victims, their troubles didn’t end there as they were unhappy with how McDonald’s handled their cases. “What a mess,” said Deborah Kelly of Peterborough, Ont. She’s unimpressed after the fast-food giantRead More →

Carbon taxes have been under siege in recent years in parts of the country, particularly with the election of premiers Doug Ford and Jason Kenney, who both campaigned hard on fighting the policy. To this day, the only way Alberta’s Kenney describes carbon pricing is as the “job-killing” carbon tax. Despite the sharp rhetoricRead More →

The state of California has launched a lawsuit against online travel agencies FlightHub and JustFly for alleged “unscrupulous business practices, designed to fleece the average consumer.” FlightHub and JustFly’s parent company is Montreal-based FlightHub Group, formerly known as Momentum Ventures. The lawsuit, filed in California Superior Court on Sept. 19,Read More →